The Structure of the problem

The problem as I see it, in the Afrikan community is that many of our organizations and leaders are financed by the Eurocentric power structure and organized as nonprofits which guarantees that they will be perpetually broke and dependent on people and interests apart from the community. We are beginning, a few of us to work on alternatives, so I am more encouraged about the future than the past but like those enslaved Afrikans who were emancipated and stayed on the plantation, we have to simultaneously work on the political and economic consciousness of the people to move these nascent initiatives forward. We are creatures of habit. How many times have I attended a meeting I was at where I talked about self-determination. What happened? Before my words even got out or could sink in, we were talking about voting and elections again when voting and elections without an economic power base is a failed effort before it begins. But we have been taught to do that so long, it’s second nature. The very idea of ignoring the system and building for self like the panthers, republic of new Afrika, and garvey taught has been drowned in 50 years of psychological manipulation to steer us towards integrationism and assimiliationism, symbolism rather than substance, emulation rather than creation, and diagnosis rather than praxis. I think the first step may be seizing back the control of the education of our young. We need local school systems that are grounded in our cultural, spiritual, and economic wellbeing to generate the future leaders we want to build.


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