worthy cause

Ok. A request for only my TRUEBLUE friends. I am the acting chairperson of the board for MTJAVA an incredible co-curricular youth program heading up by Mr. Antonio Moore. I will attach a link so you can read more about it. We are in the middle of a local fundraising campaign called Omaha Gives where we raise money for nonprofits. Not only do the organizations get money from donors, but they compete on one day for matching funds from a local foundation. I would like to ask 5 (…FIVE) of my friends. That’s right, only FIVE of you to do TWO THINGS for me. First, match me and give $10 to MTJAVA using the link I have on this post (after reading how great this program is first, of course) and then I want you to ask 5 of your friends to do the same thing. That’s it. So if you think anything Imani does is worthwhile, this is your chance to put a little bit of money and effort where your thoughts are.

The funding link is https://www.omahagives24.org/index.php…

The organization link to read about this outstanding community effort is http://www.mtjava.org/


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