more than 6000, but who’s counting?

Scripture talks about the creation of the world and man but it does not actually link those two as simultaneous. It even goes further to note that man does not and cannot measure time as God does. Many take the day as a thousand years errantly as literal. But the key is the use of the word “as” rather than the word “is.” So the earth was created in “6 days” in God’s time but those days are presented as not merely 1000 years but as a period so much longer than we can reckon, that we can only understand that it is “like” a thousand years to us. When we say what scripture does not say, we leave God’s truth and become confused about what the sciences He revealed to man tells us. Once you know the text is not literal but uses metaphor for time, you don’t have to assume creation is oppositional to any theory of evolution (actually the scriptural narrative is about the spiritual, social, and psychological evolution of man), or that the whole history of the earth has to be squeezed into a mere 6000 years on a Roman calendar (exactly the opposite of what scripture says-“no man knows the time”). To do that in my mind is Biblically false, scientifically ignorant, and leads to people denying truth to have faith or mocking God to study the world.


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