MY “Memorial day”

It’s Memorial Day in the US. The day when Eurocentrists of all ethnicities, “races”, creeds, and characters get together to barbecue..I mean to drink beer..I mean to watch the game..I mean to remember the soldiers who gave their lives to defend those principles for which this society claims to stand. I would take nothing away from the honor of those soldiers and their sincere belief in the validity of those principles and of the need for the most supreme sacrifice for their preservation. But we must be careful not to buy into any illusions. First, that all or most of those principles have actually been realized around here for all. If those principles be freedom, justice, equality, and truth, we clearly have a ways to go in all of humanity, not least of all the US. We cannot ignore the fact that in the supposed interests of those principles, freedom, justice, equality, and truth was and is frequently denied or destroyed for others, along with their homes, lives, and livelihoods. We cannot deny that often those soldiers were themselves, AS they fought and died for those principles, denied them or that when they died they were often denied recognition or when alive, fair and adequate compensation for doing so or treatment if they were ill. We must acknowledge that many were drafted and did not even get to make a choice. So on this Memorial Day, I DO pause and honor the soldiers who gave their lives. But for reasons more consistent WITH freedom, justice, equality and truth and with who I am as an Afrikan in the Eurocentric world. The principles themselves ARE just and anyone who is willing to give his or her life for them, is worthy of our respect as human beings. Next, I am well aware that the system is non-discriminatory in death. That is, the war machine will devour any and all without regard to whom you are and every soldier that by choice or compulsion, stands in, stands in for me. Not necessarily as a countryman or because of shared principles or seeking to do me favor, but their presence collectively means this time I will not get the call to the killing fields. Finally, as long as their ARE people willing to die for noble principles, there is at least the opportunity that they may come to fruition. When you have found that for which you are willing to die, you have also found that for which a life’s devotion is made worthy. Thank you ladies and gentlemen to all those who died for truth, justice, equality and freedom in the various armed forces, even when they did so under webs of lies and deceit, for theirs is still a noble cause and a noble passing. We honor them by stopping the war machine which took them. We honor them by realizing the principles they thought we had and which we have therefore by their blood have an obligation to fulfill and to spread and extend throughout a world that has not known them.


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