anti-religious Afroclaptrap: The Path for the spiritually “comfortably numb”…and dumb

I find it very difficult to take seriously any Afrikan, claiming “black or Afrikan or Nubian or whatever they are this week consciousness”, who starts his or her recitation with the Eurocentric myth of European creation of Judaism or Christianity or their scriptural traditions when even a basic study would invalidate that. The minute they start, I have no choice but to conclude first that they have not even studied what they are talking about and are merely recycling something they heard or read from somewhere and wanted to believe for whatever reason. If that in turn is true, I have a problem not only with their lack of knowledge and fundamental falsehood, but with their capacity to lead anybody anywhere in anything related to Africa-centered thought or liberation. You can’t lead me or guide me in deconstructing Eurocentrism, if you start by accepting it and errantly trying to use it as a factual tool for our liberation. That tells me you have the wrong philosophy, the wrong methodology and the wrong applicable constituency and worse of all, you don’t even know it. The blind leading those who have a tendency for blindness and talking bout the strength of their vision. Call me when ya’ll stop putting yo lips up on the Eurocrack.


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