reapa lexicon: Eurocrack

Eurocrack A mix of the Eurocentric idea that Europeans invented and created everything and the Afrikan claptrap ideology that therefore Afrikans must discard and leave everything to them(thus having nothing and opening them up to have the ideologue or his or her marginal group make up something that does not exist for them to then possess and believe). It is not a liberation rhetoric but a pre-fascist one, designed not to educate against or deconstruct Eurocentrism, but to prepare the mind of the uninformed Afrikan listener for its cognitive replacement with another colonizing ideology, falsely presented as “Afrikan consciousness,” “higher wisdom,” and so on.

The proliferation of dealers of this poisonous product in the movement right now is the number one obstacle to our liberation and rise. A Eurocrack addict is permanently inoculated against both real science AND real spirituality, capable of receiving knowledge neither from God nor scholarship. Having rejected both, they are cannon fodder for Afrospacecadetry and a permanent exodus from the reality of the struggle. It may be the greatest secret weapon Eurocentrism ever developed to destroy the movement and it’s especially insidious because those dealers package the drug as “knowledge.” It’s actually much closer to the little device Will Smith carried in the Men in Black films to make you oblivious to and incapable of responding to or remembering what is going on around you or what happened to you.


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