The “Rerun” Mentality

I am concerned and do not apologize for being concerned about the fact that we act like each act of oppression or each piece of information we “find out” about the corruption and evil of the system is “new” because it leads to strategic and tactical errors and sometimes just to symbolic wastes of time. It’s a bit like me knowing that a particular road is a dead end and somehow being unable to communicate that to or document that for you properly or sufficiently before you also put it on your itinerary. So you start driving on this brand new road and also experience the shock of not getting anywhere. And the next driver, likewise. I think it is important that at some point, we collectively instill the knowledge that this road is by definition a dead end with respect to all of our trajectory and thereby save someone from the “shock and awe.”


Time spent reinventing the wheel would be better suited for driving out of present danger.


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