Who’s Yo Daddy?

One of the things the scripture says is that you have to have your own salvation. I might be committed to the Lord and saved, and I can certainly guide and pray for my children, for my relationship partner, for my family, but I can save none. Each person must work out their own path. I can evangelize and share my testimony but it’s up to them to accept the gift and then open their hearts and spirits to the work of progressive sanctification. You can’t live on your father’s or mother’s or elder’s spiritual laurels and think it’s gone save you. Which brings us back to our communities. There are a few “kids” going around. Actually what appear to be grown men. They happen to have fathers or mothers or other relatives who made some major achievements in the Afrikan community in the arts, or sports, or finance, or whatever. They of course, indirectly benefit from these legacies. But like the scripture says, its what YOU do and say with YOUR gifts that matters. The Afrikan proverb is that from them to whom much is given, much is required. So just because your mama is so and so, your daddy is so and so, and you are from so and so, that don’t make you nothing or mean nothing existentially to nobody. In fact, you can be just as much as a butthole or piece of manure as anyone else, maybe more so, because your undeserved inheritance gives you more room to stay immune to the consequences of your own shortcomings. Afrikans can have “affluenza” too and it’s the worst kind because most of the time they are going to sit around manifesting the symptoms by undermining and serving as agents provocateur in their own communities. And the hood don’t care who your relatives are. It’s some folk out there writing big checks and they counting on the system to protect them when the communal collection agency comes for the payoff. I seen more than a few folks get surprised when they realize they part of an army of one or no more than two, them and their big, fat, overblown egos. So all the sons and daughters of the elite that think you really running things, remember your fathers and mothers earned their laurels, and you are going to have to do the same if you want respect. A little humility will also go a long way in keeping you in good health for the long haul.  Henry Ford built a Ford Model T. His grandson Henry Ford II built cars named for his father. They were called Edsels. Nuff said for the wise.


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