All I ever had

We’ve learned as a people to accentuate and glorify the negative about and among ourselves, thinking it the essence of our potential and our cultures. When you present us with the positive or the potentially positive, we assume that it’s not possible for us or that there must be an ulterior motive, that is, UNLESS its validated by those outside. If its potentially positive, until someone outside our community joins it or validates it, then it’s not possible or important. Only the negative can we do and embrace on our own. I have often said there is no way to make a child of God a slave, except to convince that child of God that their God given destiny is enslavement. Then, you will have not only a good mental and physical slave, but one that will help you enslave others and point out anyone among their own people who might be getting away.

Post pictures or videos about us being naked for pornographic effect, fighting each other, cursing, being drunk, going to jail, or anything it go viral..a bazillion hits. Same thing for some Afrospacecadet crap that can’t be applied in the real world or some magical conspiracy theory from outer space. But post on God, real strategic and tactical organizing and institution building and building unity and for that matter just plain truth, and you get the Marine Maroons, just a few good men and women liking. If my words here was some juicy gossip on Beyonce or Kanye West or the NBA Finals right now, I’d have lots more attention, but alas all I got is Afrikan social, economic, political, psychological, and spiritual survival. Redemption songs is all I got for ya’ll.


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