I’m Only Once As good

Message to the Afrospacecadets: Dr. John Henrik Clarke taught me that I never needed to lie about, exaggerate or embellish Afrikan history and cultures in order to legitimate or glorify them, believing that the mere truth about them was sufficient to establish their significance and greatness. If one feels that he or she has to do so, one is not “conscious” or capable of leading anyone else to “consciousness,” but one is instead a victim of Eurocentrism and its old white supremacist myth. Afrikan people and stuff have to be twice as good in order to make the grade. Actually, the Eurocentric world is not a legitimate standard for Afrikan people anyway and something is either good or not so and cannot be “twice” as good. Those who are with truth and justice recognize what is good, true, and just. Those who cannot, do not, or will not will not regardless of HOW good something allegedly is.

I don’t have to be “twice” as good as a racist to gain his or her acceptance. If they are racist THEY are not good and therefore cannot be the standard for my own goodness and if I am good, I should not allow them to be. God and my ancestors are my standards for the good in me and they only need me to be once as good. As good an Afrikan as I can be. Having only one mortal life and given the degree of difficulty in doing and being good amidst trials and tribulations, being good once is more than enough.


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