the missing lollipop

Any theory which posits to be a black power or Afrikan liberation strategy that sets as a prerequisite the idea that Afrikan people must conform to some set of someone’s else’s personal preferences or some organization’s particular ideas in terms of belief or conduct, in order to advance collectively is not actually for the people, but merely fascist egotism and will be recognized as such by them, and these people and their ideas will be ignored. Too many theories begin with Afrikan people must abandon something to move forward, as opposed to the Afrikan philosophical approach which is to reach the people where they are and engage what they are doing and convert it for revolutionary ends. Afrikan proverb says if you will take a stick from a baby, give it a lollipop. Too many people claim to be revolutionary but desire the giving up of the stick unconditionally, having no lollipop to give, and end up with it rightfully stuck in their eye by a very wise communal baby.


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