Put Up or shut up time

Today some folks are currently on a “dead silence” protest on the internet. I bet they think that is “activism.” Going off social media for a few hours is changing nothing in the Eurocentric system, nor is it building any institutions or doing anything to protect the persecuted in this society. Neither does stopping roads by sitting in or wearing particular t-shirts, as much media coverage as it may get. I am more convinced that we have reached the age when the “act” part of activism is so misunderstood that people actually believe doing ANYTHING is actually doing something. Reminds me of when the Wall street officials were drinking wine while watching the “Occupy movement” being cleared below their offices by the cops and military. The ONLY solution to power is to build institutions and structures to counter the institutions of the society in your own community. I think like voting, all of this marching and symbolism, which is great and even appropriate for venting EMOTION is mistakenly being confused with legitimate social movement. Think about it. A enslaved Afrikan “sits in.” When they get up, they will still be on the plantation. An enslaved Afrikan votes for a particular master. When they leave the booth, they will still be on the plantation. A enslaved Afrikan goes off Twitter. When they come back they will still be on the plantation. The test of any legitimate tactical and strategic move used to be whether it actually changed the condition and there was a time constraint on it, such that how long it took to do that was to be factored in. Malcolm said this,and I want to “de-racialize” it and put it in the modern context here. He said, given the system of violent white supremacy oppression that he was facing at the time, that if a Negro leader told the people (a) not to fight the “white man” and ALSO told them not to run from the “white man,” that they were a traitor to the people. In modern terms, if we have Eurocentric oppression killing Afrikan people and making Afrikan people kill themselves, it is treacherous to propose as serious solutions those strategies and tactics which suggest neither creating alternatives or institutional responses to the Eurocentric system AND that also do not propose to fight it. IF you are not building community militias or NeoPanther units to counter the police, and ALSO not building any community structures that enable the people to avoid the police and to resolve their communal disputes, I must question whether what you ARE doing is doing anything at all, beyond making symbolic statements. And if that IS what you are doing and all you are going to do, then remember the routine, you and your crew will need it again WHEN the next body falls. When the people were hungry the Panthers did not hold signs, march, vote, or block roads, they organized community businesses to get food and opened up a food program. When the people were shoeless, they did not hold signs, march, vote, or block roads, they created a shoe program. When the people were being shot by police, the panthers DID march but when they did, the police understanding the context in which they marched and their intent, decided to put some new regulations in place about their conduct. Dr. Clarke said at some point, we have to stop the parochial “rehearsal” of power. More than a year ago, the last time we went through this, I watched marchers getting arrested, signs, and Sharpton and Jackson addressing funerals. Today I am watching marchers get arrested, signs, and Sharpton and Jackson called out of their rhetorical coffins to address funerals. For me, its a recurring nightmare of futility. Malcolm ALSO said, paraphrasing many others, that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and expecting different results. I am openly saying it, any Afrikan so-called leader who is not right now building or attempting to build any institutions to keep the people from situations that call for police presence and ALSO not preparing any institutions and structures to deal with them when they DO come (in the absence of the former), is doing NOTHING and should be run out of our hoods on a rail. “Dead silent” is what the voices of those victimized by this current evil are. Silence at this point is complicity. It’s time to speak up and stand up and then live up.


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