Comments on “America”: From a Descendant of prisoners of its wars

I have never hated the IDEA of an “America.” It is the REALITY of how inhumanity grafted itself into the manifestation of that “America” and what it has caused it to have been and to be and to threaten to become with respect to the oppressed and the downtrodden and the suffering, the believer of truth, the seeker of justice, that, THAT is my threat and a threat to all humanity and humanness beyond these shores. It is THAT that must be fought with what tattered, frayed elements of humanity and humanness remain, for the sake of not only those that dwell here by choice or by historical force, but for the sake of the whole world. As children we learned the tale of one Humpty Dumpty. Implicitly we were told of his great girth and noticeable size, something of his station of note on the wall. Yet we are told of his inevitable fall and of the greatness thereof and of the impossibility, even with help, of the reassembly of the pieces once that fall truly came to past. Babylon must and will fall, but what might come of its fall is in the hands of the young and wise and the elders who know the way who can somehow find amidst the idea of this “America,” something of the greater ideals of truth, justice, and freedom. And though I know not the exact path to that day and how much suffering must occur in the near time on the way, I do know in and by virtue of the Afrikan experience and presence in this society that the arc moves in the direction of those things and that we have had an opportunity to catch where we MIGHT go in the work of a King, or a Washington, or a Garvey, or a Tubman, or so many others. If there is to BE an “America,” it must ultimately be THAT one, for there are others and have been others and their day is past.


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