The Silence is deafening

Why MUST one who calls himself or herself a Christian speak the most inconvenient and unbecoming truths concerning his or her society, including this one? Because first and foremost, the Lord Himself commissions us to seek the truth. Not merely the truth we prefer or the one that makes us comfortable or fit in with the prevailing opinions. He commissions us not to lie or bear false witness for this is one of the commandments. The lie is itself associated with the evil one, who is its father. He tells us that divine freedom is rooted IN truth and that it IS truth which is liberating. He tells us to study and then to show the results of our study, in truth, that we may reveal before the world that we are His. There are many who wonder why I am so open and visceral in my commitment to justice and righteousness, my condemnation of violence, my believe in the right of self and collective defense of the life God gave from the womb to the tomb, my attack on white supremacy ideology, my disgust with the state which Christ shared in His assertion that the realm of Caesar was never His. One who studies scripture, TRUTHFULLY, should never wonder or have to wonder why a servant of the Lord such as I ,in the midst of the sometimes hellish experiences of the oppressed, the poor, the sick, the elderly, the families, the soldiers, and all people in the world and here in what is called the land of the free (as if freedom can be independent of truth), would be willing to risk life and sacrifice it all for the mere telling of truth and the education of and organization of the people of God for resistance and war AGAINST the evil. The real wonder, as I see it, is that with so many around me who say they know the same Lord, have the same commission, believe the same Word, read the same scripture and clerics who wield from the pulpits of mighty congregations of faith with money and resources I can scarcely imagine…why is it quiet enough that anyone can truly hear me? It is not MY loud clanging cymbal for the Lord that is hurting the ears of the angels in heaven, but YOUR deafening silence.


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