The true Faustian bargain

It is only a cowardly church, unworthy of Christ, that can watch people die and make excuses for doing and saying nothing, that can collect untold sums of money from the community while it remains poor and deprived. God’s judgment will be against those churches which remain silent and do not assert His love in practice, amidst the storm, out of a desire to want to conform to the status quo power. For Caesar’s love, many clerics, congregations, and denominations have given away the gift of Christ’s love. Reclaim it and your absence from a spirit of fear before it’s too late or you and the forces you represent will be utterly destroyed.

No church can remain silent and retain its credibility with the Lord and say nothing when citizens are being murdered either by other citizens or by police. No church can remain silent when terrorists, claiming falsely to represent the will or vengeance of God attack and kill and maim the innocent. And if you will remain silent, you are not of God and will soon be rooted out from Him as the tree that did not bear fruit when He was hungred.


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