I’m “Through” being “conscious”

I am hereby formally retiring from being “conscious.” Increasingly I am finding that to be “conscious” in this mille is not to be aware and grounded tactically and strategically in Afrikan realities, but to obscure those with some ideological nonsense that makes one “feel” ideologically superior to other Afrikans, and maybe even all other humans. This new “conscious” stuff is not actually designed to create a useful mass movement for liberation or kujichagulia involving real, living Afrikan people on the earth today. It is only for the purpose of glorifying the selves and egos of the “conscious” peoples and cliques. I’m convinced most of these people do not even care that their knowledge of real Afrikan history is errant or skewed, or that grounding your thinking in YouTube videos and invalidated films and books made by ideologues or people with made up degrees or organizations that worship ex-cons and child molesters as divinities or rooted in imaginary ancient contemporary civilizations, is not actually going anywhere. I kind of get it now. These people are not really trying to do anywhere. Today I met a “4 percenter” and after some conversation with him on ancient Afrikan Christianity, I’m convinced that 4 percent must be the part of his mind not under the control of Eurocentric religious history and philosophy. And these folk always have names like earth son el ra ishmael bey whatdaheckisit. This cartoon stuff is not going to get us anywhere in a world where economic, political, and social power is based on real empirical data and real analytical methodology. I can pretend I’m superman, but the bullets coming from the 9mm of the local police department or the glock carried by my brother with the diseased mentality will do me just like kryptonite. Booker T. Washington, Marcus Garvey, Harriet Tubman, Nat Turner..they didn’t change their names, their language,their religion, their clothes, they didn’t need spaceships and magical gods and secret melanin powers. They had intelligence, knowledge, and plans. So ya’ll can be “conscious,” I’ll be “strategic.”


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