Spiritual Warfare with Blessings and Forgiveness

​To my beloved brothers and sisters in faith under Christ and those outside who mock us for our capacity to bless and forgive, hear of the Lord. I openly, publicly forgive and ask God to bless my enemies and  those who think themselves my enemies, as they richly deserve it. Now, some of you might errantly confuse this with me forgetting their offenses or allowing them to be repeated. That is only because your slavemasters and colonizers in Eurocentric Christianity confused you INTENTIONALLY about the methodology of Christ’ forgiveness AND the definition of His blessing.

Forgiveness is not a gift you bestow on others but one you grant out of godly love to yourself that allows you permission and gives you power to move on from an offense.
It is never a synonym for forgetting the offense or worse, for allowing it to be repeated, rather it is a spiritual forebearance that allows you to move on, having given the capacity for rightful judgment and if necessary, vengeance to the Lord who will avenge His saints and His annointed in His way and His time.
It is in effect an affirmation that the believer accepts in his or her faith the scriptural principle that the “battle” is not yours. Recognizing this the offense passes from you to the presence of God in you, which offends Satan and draws his offense and the offenses of all those who do his bidding.
Freed then from anger, revenge  and other energies which might endanger my soul and thwart God’s intended plans for me, I can move on toward the fulfillment of God’s will in my life.
Meanwhile, the one I forgave and asked God to bless is in grave danger lest they repent and atone. For when I make the transfer, freeing myself, God acquires the debt. Only the blood of Christ can avenge that. Thus the penalty I would have imposed of myself is superseded by the eternal wages of sin.
That is the meaning of spiritual warfare in a Christian context and with this sword of truth, will I beat down devils.


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