Try Being A MAN first. 

​I am not a king of anything and I am not head of a monarchy to “rule.” Nor are strong women looking for a “ruler.” There are a few Afrikan monarchs; but 99% of us are not one nor descended from one. You are an IDIOT if you think we have to build selfish personal monarchies to build successful relationships and marriages and this romanticism of monarchy is a major factor in our inability to get together. Co-“rule” had a low success rate in Afrika and will in your house as well. I submit to the only true King, God and I strive to be worthy of His grace. In so doing I create energies and move towards that woman He chooses for me that is similarly positioned and working. We therefore are human equals striving together under God’s discipleship to build His kingdom,  not two stupid wanna be monarchs, with no plan or ability to build, trying to extol and glorify self. Too many brothers trying to be false “gods” and fake “kings” when sisters out here just need a plain old godfearing Afrikan man.


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