Uncle Sam’s wake

What is at stake for the United States now is the spiritual conscience of the society. From the founding of the republic, the society has struggled with the variable of race, the role of immigrants, the place of language, the centrality of religion and in its finest moments, unfortunately relatively few, it has ultimately steered towards the path of tolerance and freedom. Similarly in its lowest points, it has shown the capacity for the worst inhumanities of man against man. In response to De Tocqueville’s inquiry into the “American experiment,” it might be found that both Wilson’s idea of it being a “city on the hill” as in a leading model AND Fredrick Douglass caricature of it as a society “guilty of crimes that would disgrace a nation of savages”are BOTH true. But these alternate realities and suspended dialectics of truth and falsity, of tolerance and intolerance, of justice and injustice, of freedom and bondage, this schizophrenic and psychopathic personality untreated in a country, as in a man or woman, are not eternally sustainable. As an individual must make a moral choice for God or against Him, so too a society and the US has reached it decision, will it wage war against God and its own people in the supposed name of both and thereby implode and be rightfully destroyed in the embers of its own arsonists, or will it side with the rightness of the time and in sync with the great cosmic cycle that arc towards justice. This is “America’s Armageddon” and as my brother Kavon Shah said long ago, go get a late pass. It’s been in effect, but it will not be for much longer.


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