confusing being in dependence with being independent

No one else can GIVE freedom or valuation to a people’s lives, that people must claim it, by word and deed for themselves. This fact is not determined by a mere philosophy of man, but by God’s law. He or she who does not work (for themselves), does not eat (meaning survive). Asking me for food, or someone else, when you are neither raising nor storing any for yourself will subject you to someone else’s perpetual choice, prerogative, or whim to let you starve or not and even if they DO give, you are not earning their respect or any “value” but merely a state of permanent dependence upon them.

Booker T. Washington said this long ago. That If the people failed to build an economic infrastructure they might have DuBoisian styled “citizenship” rights but remain beggars in a land of plenty. Carter G. Woodson said that the institutions of socialization and education were unable and unwilling to teach Afrikan people what they must know and do in order to affect communal progress. We “read” them, but we have still not effectively “heard” them.


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