On the nature of christian struggle

I don’t believe God wants perfection from His disciples. He knows we are not perfect and cannot be in the flesh. ALL have fallen short of the glory of God and NONE is perfect but the Father. Right now we seek excellence in life, not perfection. Excellence meaning to get better in strength, and faith, and grace every day. I lied, I stole, I fought, I envied and was jealous. And I sometimes find myself still doing some of those things like the one called Paul. I do feel guilty …now when I do those things because I know the truth and the Holy Spirit chastises me, the Word convicts me, but my guilt is after the fact of the transgression. I am therefore humble enough to know I cannot be saved of my own actions, it is only by grace that I am saved and so my work is merely opening the door for God to do the work for me to experience the daily grind of progressive sanctification where HE, often against the resistance of my clouded vision and will transforms me spiritually into the image of His son. Two steps forward, three back, one forward, none back, and so on. God says He has plans for me and that He WILL complete the work He began in me, the moment I accepted salvation (He not me), so I merely commit to and make myself “available” as a laborer in this walk to Calvary and beyond. I trust in Him to get me there and don’t beat myself up for falling or wandering into some caves and holes now and then. He will always come to get me, being zealous after His own, and HE will always get me back because He says those in His hands, Satan cannot ultimately take. His sheep hear and recognize and respond, ultimately, to His voice. For WE know, even in our transgression, and certainly in amongst our many trials and tribulations, the voice of the Good Shepherd. We have tasted and know that He is good. We have not fainted for we have seen the goodness of the Lord even here in the land of the living and I would say among also the walking dead I will sometimes suffer for my temptations in the flesh, but I remain saved. Safe and secure from all alarm, in the everlasting arms. I have often said my life of trouble and sadness and hardships in the flesh is only different from the nonbeliever’s in e ways. I have help. I know my help and from whence it comes and that it is certain. I know that my help will prevail.


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