The Tricky Nature of “Innocence” In Wartime

I start from the standpoint that we are all guilty and convicted, if the standard is God’s glory and perfection and the maximum level of what we can and should achieve as human beings. With that in mind, I would never present all of the victims of police brutality and excessive force as innocent, nor certainly would I attach that idea to police who engage in such behavior or even those who are the victims of reprisal. The fact is we are ALL guilty of racialized and other oppressive, denigrating forms of thought, of exploiting power and force when we see an opportunity for personal advantage, of a propensity for violence, of the mere capability for spiritual and ultimately material corruption that hurts others. Thus determining “innocence” or who is “innocent” should not be a variable of consideration in these analyses on either “side,” I think the goal should always be what must be done socially, legally, politically, structurally, ethically to minimize human suffering.


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