From mass incarceration to errant situations

I have personally shifted my focus from mass incarceration to mass eligibility for incarceration. That is, avoiding the myriad of situations and scenarios that make our people, men in particular, vulnerable to incarceration. Not focusing on that seems to me to be akin to treating the symptoms and not the disease. Studies show that before the arrest, there’s the stop, and before the stop there’s some purported probable cause and inevitably the supposed “probable cause” is connected to certain words spoken, activities engaged in, or prior records associated with the individual stopped. As long as those are on the table, the “stop” is likely to be legitimated by the system and incarceration is virtually assured (of course the profit incentive associated with it is the proverbial “icing on the cake” in that regard). If one does not get on the football field with a uniform and pads and catch the ball, one is not likely to get tackled.


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