God is bigger than Eurocentrism

​For me the reality of God is apart from any particular local or temporal concept of God extant at any moment or any particular theological or religious rendering. I don’t worship texts but the spirit. The Word was incarnated in flesh and dwells within and not in liturgy or particular rituals. I tell believers text is not faith but a tool for reproof and instruction. Neither are buildings or denominations or rituals which invoke and symbolize faith but are not its substance. God dwells within the heart and consciousness of the believers and they collectively constitute the church. So I agree that man’s construct of God changes by his and her preference, historical circumstance, power configurations. But my understanding of the immutability of the spirit and true religion as a personal relationship with the spirit teaches me that like wood, the forms it may take or be molded into, are not its nature. Unlike Eurocentrists I do not believe man made God but that God made man and therefore the latter’s definitions are not binding on God nor exhaustive of God’s character or scope.


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