God Versus Culturally Particularistic, Eurocentric Religion

​I would have no objection to the statement that Eurocentric religious institutions were molded to economic and social realities of Eurocentric cultural imperatives, in fact, all religious institutions would similarly be situated. That however is not a critique of faith, belief, or spirit itself but of those instititions and rightly so. God is not in competition with anything in creation since the spirit of God is the essence of these. Saying names, rituals, and institutions created by man to venerate and acknowledge the spirit of God change, evolve, or have even been misused is not a critique of God but of man’s lack of humility grounded in Eurocentric arrogance and scientism and his and her concomitant inadequate understanding. As dr. Clarke said, he was less concerned about what the religious system of the Afrikan was, all of them having been in Eurocentrism used against them, but rather whether that Afrikan was ontologically and epistemologically Afrikan ABOUT their particular expression of faith. The quest for us is to re-interject Afrikan spirituality, history, and culture into those institutions that functional socially for our spiritual need. Just as I have never been a minority, I have never been a Eurocentrist or Eurocentric Christian. My faith, my spirituality, my history, and my culture have always been at peace with one another. And my work has been sharing that comfort with others in scholarship, activism, and ministry to those Afrikans and others whose equilibrium in that regard has been defiled.


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