Meanwhile, Back Down Here On Earth

The slave masters, mistresses and colonizers invented a fake, false and fallacious identity called “white” to make you think that they were superhuman, in control of everything, even divine, to cover up a deep collective culturally inferiority complex that continues to this day. As a result of this false construction, both Afrikans and non-Afrikans have had to exist in a state of illusion and simulated reality while encountering REAL death, destruction, impoverishment, and collective decline. At a time when the world must destroy this identity and construct a new humane one, that we all might survive, we tragically have Afrikans so oppressed BY that identity, that they are far too willing to take themselves into the twilight zone, pretending to be ancients or descendants of people they are not related to or heirs to non-existent civilizations, or extraterrestrials, or self-proclaimed gods who can’t even conjure up some food or housing or shelter for their people. You cannot use the master’s tools to deconstruct the master’s house. So Audre Lorde said and so it is correct. You will not defeat an enemy system that gained power based on lies, convincing its adherents to be false to themselves, by being false to yourself. I am not a god, I serve Him. I am not ancient, I am here right now. I am not a color, but the physical manifestation of a cosmically constructed consciousness of intelligent design among a people called Afrikan because they live here in a material world among others who seek the same humanity in a land presently called Afrika. I am nothing special and everything important. I am small and great beyond measure. I am weak and have unlimited potential. I am human of an Afrikan variety in a war for the survival of same. I’m looking for real soldiers on the real planet ready to engage that real struggle. All ya’ll magical mystery folks can get on the mothership and get out the way!


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