“Reality” Check: Where Yo Heads At?

Let me drop this and only the deep heads are going to feel me. See most of yall so-called “conscious” folk is actually experiencing some unconsciousness and God sent me to help ya’ll. See you think, or have been lead to believe that the slave master stole YOU, and as such, you are on the old Eurocentric quest to “find yourself.” He was on that errant quest before you were. So you roam through bits and pieces of your history trying to create some false identity for yourself to try to compensate for your supposed “nothingness.” I never had that problem. I was never confused. I knew I was Afrikan and a child of God and as such I didn’t need any kind of “conscious” rap (not music but rhetoric) or to change my clothes, my language, my religion, or anything to discover or be ME. I was Afrikan to begin with. I was not LOST. I was “LIED” to. For example, the slave master took my obelisk and put it in Washington. He didn’t hide it. He simply lied about its origin and its purpose. He took my religion, since Judaism and Christianity were Afrikan in the first place and referred to Afrikan people, and he created the bastardized form of slave theology. He didn’t hide it, he lied about its origins and altered its structure for nefarious purposes. He took my kunte, and put one on his money. He didn’t deny that it had ancient power, he just denied it was mine. So let me help ya’ll, I aint’ got to change a whole bunch of stuff or go off into some ancient mystical clap-trap to be Afrikan or a so-called “man of color.” I simply have to BE me and to reclaim what is mine properly from the lies that were told, reshaping them again for our CONTEMPORARY collective and divine purposes. This is not trying to be or pretending to be for example, ancient Egyptian or some other false stuff, or even trying to link myself biologically or anthropologically to that or some other particular culture, or running around trying to be fake “gods” or kings or queens of some flavor of the week, but to simply return to knowing and seeking to know what the ancestors knew, applying it to the HERE AND NOW, not to the THEN. Let those who will hear wisdom hear it and I pray for those that stay off in never-never land, so-called because it will never manifest anything of use.


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