The First Truth of Humility

The height of “unconsciousness” from an Afrikan spiritual perspective is the belief that you can judge and/or attempt to control the level of consciousness of another. True knowing is knowing that there is that which you do not and cannot and should not know. True ignorance is thinking that you know it all or that you could or should. Understanding that there is the knowledge of God, of the deities, of the ancestors, of the elders, and that you do not have those until you ascend to those respective levels and that that fact is in proper order with the universe is the first truth of humility and why you should submit to the higher powers. The ritual of holding the newborn up to the sky and declaring that he or she should behold the only thing greater than it is significant because it, is a recognition that there IS understood a greater with which one must contend and upon which one must draw for life and to which one must submit if one is wise.


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