the real revolutionary act

I have devoted my life to God and have specifically focused my work on uplifting people of Afrikan descent here and throughout the world. There is a biblical passage about the throwing of stones and the hiding of hands; there is another about the adulteress who was brought by the unrighteous before the Lord for judgment. Often the vindictiveness and ego with which we approach others, especially those within our communities, betrays our own claims to be trying to help the people. Let me clear. Afrikan people attacking each other or trying to engage in mutually incriminating “gotchas” is slave behavior and those who engage in it are not engaged in any real progressive or revolutionary perspective. There is nothing revolutionary or progressive in attacking your own people in a society where they are already attacked, killed, disrespected and insulted. In fact, the most revolutionary thing one can do is to find ways to work together across areas of disagreement for the collective good.


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