Criminal law does not change many minds, and no souls

I oppose abortion on moral grounds along with the death penalty. However, I argue that abortion probably has to remain legal, so as not to criminalize it. I argue the same thing for certain drugs, decriminalization. The drug addict is not going to stop just because you criminalize it and you must address the social problems and the psychological problems underneath the drug use and the drug sale to stop the trade. The notion that criminal law changes spirits and minds is flawed. I work to make abortion unnecessary by advocating contraception, prenatal health care, expansion of social support for mothers, and sex education hoping for a day where, like drugs, the choice is ultimately not made, even though the option is there. Making murder illegal has not stopped us from killing each other. Changing our hearts and minds and socioeconomic and psychological states has far more import. Christ says I did not come to condemn, if He had, everything would be so. Instead He says, He comes to offer forgiveness and a new life. We must offer to those whom we see doing things that are bad or wrong, the same, a spirit of mercy and forgiveness out of our own humility and a new life. Only a few of us get to that first post. Even fewer offer the institution- building necessary  for the people to create a new life. We can’t hate the game, as long as we do not create circumstances collectively for our people to have the option to stop playing.


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