On The Nature of Civility

​One must respect civility even when the ones that are the object of it are themselves uncivil. Civility is like unto justice. Accept a standard where it only applies for you and those you agree with and there will be none for anyone.

In this heady era of self-righteous liberal anti-Trumpism, some seem to be forgetting the need to be the embodiment of what you say the other side is not. There very well may be a post-Trump, post-Pence era and we want civility to be part of that world. Otherwise even THAT world, which so many desire in their protestations, will not be worth living in (at least any more than the difficult present) and it also will not survive. I am seeing too much ugliness on BOTH sides and the view of God on how we should treat each other does not vary by person or party. Politically convenient ethics are no ethics at all.


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