Misplaced targets

Isn’t it ironic that the people in the so-called “movement” who most despise Afrikan Christians, their churches, their clergy, and Christianity in general are the ones who spend the most time trying to attack and undermine them? If God were truly as powerless and irrelevant to the masses of our people as they falsely claim, know that they wouldn’t bother or need to. The truth is that their real problem is that they can’t get you or I to abandon our faith and follow their little made up gobbeldy-gook (most of the Afrospacecadet theological systems were made up in the 1920s) , giving them our free labor and money to help build their own little fiefdoms. The truth is that they are deeply concerned that our capacity to survive, thrive, and be “conscious” and effective among the people AS Afrikans, all while maintaining a belief system that they neither study nor understand, that they ignorantly and idiotically attribute to their oppressors, and that they argue MUST prohibit the same, shows that they may not be half as intelligent as they pretend to be or think they are or are held to be in their little circles of antiChristian syncophants. What they fear is not my loving God, but the practical uselessness of their own fabricated ideologies among the people towards changing their spiritual, economic, and social condition.


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