The Walking, “Conscious” Dead

I meet a lot of so-called “Afro-conscious” folks who sport ankhs, speak in bogus imitation of ancient languages, claim ancient societies they would not even be eligible to be a part of, pretend to be kings and queens with the lineage of serfs or peasants, or wear dreadlocks or fertility symbols and so on who are as dumb as talking coat racks about REAL African history, culture, or religion. Claiming to be ancient Afrikan gods and can’t pay their child support or conjure up a paycheck? I see through this stuff like glass. So you may be able to get past other folks with this made up claptrap, but please pass Imani by. I am too knowledgeable on this stuff to even PLAY stupid for your entertainment. And PS, neither your oppressors nor the real enemy of man are scared of you or coming to get you for this stuff either, since they know it ain’t going nowhere and that it isn’t practically applicable to any strategy or tactic that might actually lead to self-determination or liberation.


We unfortunately have Afrikans, mostly in the United States, who somehow think going in some fake cognitive time machine and trying to recreate some version of ancient Afrikan civilizations is going to liberate them or us collectively. Sometimes they create their own magical languages like Nuwabian that are not remotely Afrikan, past or present, or they try to resurrect thousand year old “dead” Afrikan languages like Kemetian or ancient Hebrew. The problem is that any reconstruction of a non-spoken language into a contemporary context is not and cannot be the original rendering. Even worse, to the extent that they master these problematic reconstructions, they are still not contemporary spoken languages in Afrika or any part of the real diaspora and so they will have no capability to communicate with any of their own people beyond those in their little made up organizations. It’s just stupid to me. It reminds me of when Dan Quayle went as VP of the US to Argentina and said he wished he spoke Latin so he could better relate to the people there. But to Afrospacecadets, the more irrelevant, esoteric and obscure the supposed “knowledge,” or “science,” the more they think they have elevated themselves into some kind of magical “consciousness.” I’d reach more Afrikans globally speaking fluent French or Yoruba than ancient Sumerian. And be able to do a whole lot more real work in the real world.


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