A Message on the day the lord hath made

So HE was not actually born in December or on the 25th. Not the point. So the tree, Sinterklaatz, the elves, the sleigh, and all of that materialistic Eurocentric rubbish is pagan and has nothing to do with Him. Not the point. For those of us who believe in Him and know His power and the positive role that His word, His testimony, and His spiritual power has played in our lives and the lives of billions of other human beings. it is the fact that HE was and HE is and HE shall be and that we shall be because of His coming and going, THAT and therein lies the point. Even those who hate Him, deny Him, and those who work against Him invoke Him in their words and deeds. We see Him in the atheist who says He is not, but yet has to work so hard to convince believers to deny what they say is of no account. We see Him in the Satanist who believes in Him, yet vainly conspires to overcome His power. We see Him even in the religious sinners who use His name, institutions, and word to do work against Him, somehow knowing that even malfeasance cannot occur without an acknowledgement of His sovereignty. Yet and still the entire world as people know it today is somehow an ongoing response to the miracle of a single birth of a single man who spoke but a few words in an obscure place and died after only a short time thousands of years ago and whose words can free a prisoner, heal the sick, and give comfort to the grieving TODAY where is neither heard nor seen in the traditional way. There are those who will say this is but an amazing novelty of history, a coincidence. But I challenge you and the world in so much turmoil at this very moment, on the dawn of a new Eurocentric year, to at least grapple with the notion that maybe His coming was not chance, and His continued spiritual power not nostalgia, and His coming dominion not myth, nor the enemy over which He will prevail. Would it be so strange to believe that the universe is not chance, but the creation of a wise God and that that God having created it and humanity, would love it and that that God loving it would send someone to save it and them when it was in peril. As I always told the atheists. If you were right, then I would be a man who lived his life in search of righteousness that he never found. A tragedy, perhaps. But if I am right, and HE IS, then you become the one who rejected righteousness and are judged and condemned by it. A tragedy, indeed.


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