Whiteness and Forgiveness in a Christian Context

The confusion about forgiveness is a gift given by the believer to the offender and a relaxation of the blame and responsibility of the offender. That is a complete misunderstanding and ignorance of Christian theology and the theologies of all spiritual and religious systems with similar principles. Forgiveness is a gift of grace from God not from the believer and its not giving but forgiving, as in forebear. It assigns the vengeance owed the offended to God who becomes the bearer of the ethical note. That transfer frees the offended from the risk to their own moral standing before God that may be the result of actions, words, and deeds grounded in anger, rage, and hatred, emotions which do not liberate you from the spiritual sickness of those who would abuse you or oppress you but which make you like them. Nonbelievers cannot be expected to understand this. White supremacist hatred, like white privilege are real and must be opposed, but they are not opposed by like mentalities. They are opposed by a system of thought and action that contradict their assumptions that anyone should be hated, discriminated, and harmed because of their lineage and appearance.

Forgiveness is not based on the position of the offender to you, but the position of the believer to God. If you think it a grant to the offender based on their remorse or lack then you are confusing forgiveness with exoneration and no one is calling for exoneration which is nullifying blame and responsibility for bad acts. Forgiveness is giving yourself the right to move on and giving God His right to judgment and vengeance.

Say you curse me or hurt me. That hurt is real and now I am angry and vengeful. You hurt me once. If I harbor that hurt and commit sin because of it, now I have separated myself from God by virtue of sin which He hates. Unless I give myself permission to move on spiritually, mentally, physically and socially from that pain, I’m going to miss my blessings and redirect towards the negative, the energy that God gives me to move towards His will for happiness in my life. Now I’ve taken the hurt you inflicted on me, accepted it as part of my life force and allowed your sin to redirect me off my path to salvation.

The Lord says that if you want to be forgiven for your sins (if you want Him to move on past your transgressions) you must exercise the same practice. As Christians we are so charged. Its not an option we can dismiss because of a world that prefers harboring and multiplying prejudice and grievances,

Forgiveness is NOT arguing that social evil should not be punished by social penalty, or that one cannot blame offenders or hold them responsible or that a people cannot defend themselves. It is none of those things. This man should be given the maximum legal penalty. Racism and white supremacy must be fought. But getting angry at it, or hating people because of it, is not fighting it or ameliorative. Contradicting it in our social practice and relationships with others and educating against its brainwashing , soul destroying, hell-bound influence is.


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