Okay, I feel like playing with stupid people and getting in trouble today. So just like we had stupid “white” gods walking around claiming that title, we now got a proliferation of “black gods” out there, running the same warmed-over scam. The fun part is when these people, who do not believe in God’s word, try to simultaneously and hypocritically use it to justify their mental illness. They quote “Ye are gods. Be thou perfect.” The problem is I LIKE that and you want the first sentence without the second. If you studied ancient language, you would know that scripture is what is known as a propositional phrase, not a declarative or an expository.

The scripture sets up a proposition or hypothesis, that the one who would be God, must also be perfect. So the test for any would be God would be whether he or she is also perfect in all their ways. Where it gets funny, is that if you have studied the REST of that word, you know “NONE is good but the Father” and that “ALL have fallen short of the glory of God.” So we declare that only those who are perfect can dare to call themselves god and God is good. If NONE is good but the Father, then God is God all by himself as Father. And if all have fallen short of the glory of God, the “all” in the sentence must refer to other than God, all others. So in quoting the passage, you are not validating that you are god, fool, but instead that you, like me, are totally unqualified for the title. You blaspheme by even invoking that, cursing yourself. I know I just hurt some fake divinity, but I really want to try to lower some men and women back to earth down here with the rest of us, where we might get something done in reality..


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