On The Following of Fools

The “movement” is in a sorry state with its self-proclaimed gods, rulers, kings and would-be kings and “leaders”. Everyone wants to be king, but personally, I’d rather have a bricklayer and a carpenter, a plumber and an electrician. At least they build stuff. The people need real leadership and scholarship and all of this bullspit and posturing gets in the way. The one who screws in a lightbulb in a dark room is hailed as a king or queen or god or goddess by the ignorant, but the wise know that such emperors really have no clothes unless you count an overblown ego as rainment. The only thing scripturally worse than a fool is the one who patterns himself after and follows after those who identify themselves by actions and statements AS fools or who engage in foolishness.

A lot of people walking around now with Africentric garb and names and titles and stuff, claiming to be scholars were previously broke unknown folks who invented their current image to take advantage of our collective straits, leadership vacuum, ignorance about what real scholarship is, and other deficits. If Afrikan male ego was a successful leadership strategy, we would have BEEN free by now. Said it before, I’ll say it again, let me know when you get SERIOUS. Selling out arenas, selling self-vetted books, and deluding the masses ain’t no title. The slavemaster BEEN running that game. The REAL game is institution building and until I see work on that piece, everything else is for me idle chatter. I ain’t no prince, god, savior, divine terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Just call me a plain old brown rapper brother, who’s been doing all he can in ministry, scholarship, activism, whatever, wherever he is for the people at home and abroad. I ain’t looking for no gods, I GOT a god on my side. And I ain’t trying to be ruled, especially by those who know less than I do about some critical stuff Afrikans taught me about respect for my fellow man and woman and myself.


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