ATM Knowledge

​Too many Afrikans in the movement like their counterparts in the temple, cathedral, mosque, or synagogue, have some personal opinion or anecdotal experience with theology, ratified by some marginal organizational formation or maybe some wikipedia, google, or youtube scholarship from people with fake made-up doctorates and religious titles that are basically modern day ideological “snake oil” salespeople think thereby they are experts on theology, religious philosophy, archaeology, etc. They are not. Religious, spiritual, or not, this cliff notes approach to understanding Afrikan history and spirituality, encouraged by ignorance, Eurocentric ideology, and social media has not and will not liberate us, only make us move from one cognitive bondage to another. We demand real work in so many areas of the movement, but come to religion or spirituality and so many people are intellectually like George Carlin’s fictional sportscaster “Biff Barf,” whose slogan was “I call it the way I see it and if I don’t or didn’t see it, I make it up” At the end of the day, if your ideology makes you attack your people rather than understand and work with them, you have been made a fool by this system and those who follow you, twice so.


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