God Versus Medicine?

​I think we err when we forget the place of BOTH the potential for divine healing AND the role of humans in medicine and therapy. When there is disequilibrium in life, we treat mind, body, and soul. God has provided mankind with wisdom to make medicine, to counsel, and to do some work among His people in body and mind while He works on the soul. I tend to use the gardener analogy. The gardener plants seeds and then relies on God in faith to raise and nurture them. God guides us in terms of what kind of ground to plant in and we have faith in the coming harvest which He says will be plentiful. He or she who does not plant seeds in faith, will likely reap little. When I go to a doctor I am not putting my faith in them, but rather in God who guided me to them, preferably to physicians of faith, and in the wisdom He gives them to aid my health. God’s healing hands are ever on me as human hands and minds work with tests and therapies. There are those who by God’s hands and through no intervention of man are healed. But I have also seen God lead others to righteous counselors of the mind and bestow upon them healing medicines that were of benefit for their mental and physical health. As long as we are led by faith in Him, there is no shame or weakness in seeking out medical professionals and therapies to aid in your health. And of course a believer does so, recognizing that God can choose, as it is His will to simply grant a healing of grace. Either way God is the agent of healing and whether He employs His medicinal servants, the medicine derived from His earth, or just grants an immediate restoration, the praise and glory are His due.


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