The Unseen Eurocentric Vise in the Debate Over Religion Among Afrikans

​Actually if one has EITHER a concept of solely God within OR God without or if you juxtapose them as antagonistic, mutually exclusive opposites you are using a Eurocentric framework. Anyone who truly studied European philosophy would know that, but almost none of the antireligious people in the so called movement pontificating on these topics have actually studied religious philosophy, theology, metaphysics or any such thing as a professional and so they take a juvenile, reductionist caricatures of what they think is Eurocentric thought, reverse them in a reactionary way and think that they are “liberated.” Actually they have merely gone from one simplistic Eurocentric ethic to another and none of it Afrikan.

In real Afrikan traditional philosophy the spiritual is within AND without. Judaism and Christianity as religious systems born in Africa (contrary to Eurocentric miseducation about their respective histories, the latter of which also errantly and ignorantly are bought by “conscious” folk) maintain an Afrikan “both” and “and” dialectic known in Judaic theology as Buber’s “I and Thou” relationship and in Christian theology as the trinitarian theology of God the transcendent “father” coexistent with God the incarnate (emmanuel) AND God the indwelling spirit. Both of these constructions run through Afrikan spiritual systems from ancient times, particularly in the ancient East and North, central to the origins of the theological systems discussed here.


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