Ministerial Arrogance

​A friend of mine told me that a minister actually condemned her to hell. I have no idea where that spirit came from but such is NOT a spirit of Christ. None of us has the authority to judge and condemn each other because all of us have and/or had sin upon us and a concomitant sentence of death. This why our elders used to say “but for the grace of God, there go I.” We are saved, not because of our desert, but because of God’s unearned gift of love and grace in Christ. Therein lies the necessity for us to be humble and non-judgmental in our interactions with others. In fact, we should not fear such unjust judgment by others because no man or woman possesses a heaven or hell to put you in. Only God may judge. But even the Lord, who has every right to judge comes not to condemn but to save. The message of Christ is His victory over the wages of sin and separation from God by His offering of Himself. The Gospels are about this good news. There should be no joy in the true follower of Christ in presenting the shortcomings of others, but instead in prayers and support for their deliverance in Christ. My flesh was born with a lust for hell and the world of Babylon, a desire for iniquity. What we need from the messengers of Christ is evidence of God’s love and an ambassadorship that communicates about the possibility of overcoming sin, not polemics about how we are mired within it.


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