One Too Many Critiques of Hip-Hop

​I want to speak for hip hop and flip the script and call out some straight BS I’m hearing. Some are trying to play one form of our music against another,  misleading some who don’t know the truth. Corporate rap is presented as hip-hop and tarred with the same brush. I’ve been in hip hop and recording more than two decades. There are lots of hip hop acts that don’t traffic in misogyny or violence and such, but the music industry and the clubs as well as radio, contribute in a conspiracy to maintain the ascendancy of that other stuff, which while it has a niche audience, is not the majority of what’s out there and certainly not of “black” music. We did this “blame hip-hop” crap back in the 80s. It was bullspit then. It’s bullspit now. I can’t tell you how many club folk actually book the fake gangster or slack acts over conscious, politically relevant stuff BECAUSE it draws the rowdy crowds, particularly those who would drink where the money was. They gamble that the negative forces will not override the cash flow and they imho DESERVE to lose that Faustian bargain. In the process they deny resources and stages to the stuff they perennially claim to support. Some folk are blowing smoke like always. Babylon talks about how there’s too much sex and violence, and acts as if that’s a “black” thing not endorsed by the core culture. Gangsta rap has ALWAYS from day ONE been financed by “white” controlled record labels, played by “white” controlled radio, and sold primarily to mainstream audiences. The notion that we as a people created this is bogus and most Afrikan artists outside of the corporate have been beating this back. The truth is the Faustian bargain is still there. It’s not that the club’s dont play this stuff they claim to object to, just that they play it at financially strategic times. This puritan rhetoric I been reading here is rubbish. The same folks bellyaching about the lack of positives are the same folk who would give their teeth for a (name wack commercial rapper) show and not let the real stuff get in. Ask for really real what DJ or club owner or radio host or promoter is really gone turn down the big splash and cash and build an audience for the conscious stuff they flap their lips about and folks get ghost. I’m tied of folks yapping bout how hip hop is so violent and stuff and if you come with a tribe record true and indeed, they mixing with thugalicious and bootyshake one cause ” that’s what my pocket, I mean the people, want. So let’s stop this attack on hip hop and talk about the conspiracy against real hip hop towards the cash cow promotion of this so-called “other” black music which ain’t really that “black” and ain’t really that hip hop. If you want to study what I am saying and get real, check out Nelson George’ book Hip Hop America and pick up bout 1990 when they created this whackness to drive politically threatening conscious stuff out the clubs, off the radio, off the TV and stage, blaming the culture for their own evil hands. I lived it for 3 decades. The whole story and the full realness of the story on what happened to hip hop and youth culture ain’t being told yet.


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