Imani Can’t Save A Soul

​Heard a Christian say the great commission was to save souls. I disagree. ONLY the grace of God may save souls, the work of Christ on the cross. No man, woman, or child can save. All we can do is to introduce the unforgiven sinner to the discipline of Christ. We can make disciples but that is not the work of salvation itself and this is a dangerous confusion because it assigns to man that which is the prerogative and power of God alone.

I believe God through Christ saves souls, not me or any person. I take none of God’s sole glory. I am called to merely make disciples by exhortation to the cross. I think one of the most errant ideas in the church today is that idea that I personally can save a soul, which leads many to become arrogant about their membership numbers or ministry or congregation size, thinking that that is salvation or to their egotistic credit. I didn’t even save myself. I can’t save you. I can and will offer you a path though to He who can and who does offer the gift of  grace which IS the source of salvation.


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