But Do We Have Faith?

Our collective commitment to God has been errantly placed in physical churches, in clergy, in theology, and other material things. The youth often reject all of these, even more errantly thinking them to be God and believing therefore that they must reject faith in God. We are extremely religious but being religious and committed to that is not the same as being in a relationship with God. Many of our churches are little more than businesses which earn profits at the expense of the people. Many ministers but employees earning salaries for presentation. It is no accident that God begins the prophecy of Revelation by condemning not the sinner, but the corrupt church. So while there is lots of evidence of grace and mercy and representations of religiosity in the community, there is a deficit of faith. You show faith by what you rely on in time of need and what you desire and exert your will towards. Do we in fact rely on God or instead money, men and women, politics, fame, social respect, glory, ego, our own credentials and status?


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