The Leadership Among A People Reflects Their Character And Consciousness

​If you understand history, you learn that merely killing an emperor within an imperial culture and when the people still have an imperial consciousness, will just result in a new emperor.

The most painful reality for a would-be revolutionary to admit and to accept is that the slave you would liberate must also believe in slavery at some level of his or her consciousness, in order for the system of slavery to have ever existed.  Harriet Tubman and Malcolm X, among others, understood this and lamented it, and their understanding is what made them far more effective liberators than many in the movement who would claim to ascend to their level of achievement on our behalf today.
Elites and rulers will always arise from the people. You must revolutionize the consciousness, character, and culture of the people in order to change the character of the elite class which shall arise.
A nation of people with a collective consciousness of slaves will look for and install a master, despite your best efforts because the plantation lives in their minds.


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