Grappling With Differences Of Opinion

​All humans have ideas. There is no human survival bereft of human ideas about the proper means to construct society and community towards that survival. This means we must have ideas and a market for the same and short of some Orwellian imposition of ideological conformity, this means there will be ideas with which we disagree and we must ethically choose how we will position ourselves with respect to them.

One’s difference on matters of free expression turns on one’s optimistic or pessimistic feeling towards human potential for rationality  My ethical view believes that man, despite errors and evil, can with God’s guidance, reason and winnow good ideas from bad and need not be saved by those among them, who think their own preferences superior. The negative view is perhaps of the opinion that without an authoritarian crushing of ideas that one finds objectionable, it is virtually certain those ideas will be chosen to rule the day.


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