Step in the Game: Get Off The Sidelines

​Every critique you make of stuff other people are attempting to do within and for our community should be preceded by either the alternative plan you plan to implement or a completed donation and volunteer card from you pledging to work on making things better. If you don’t like what I am doing or my approach, you are obligated to get something better going or join what I am doing to improve it. Otherwise you are just an agent provocateur for the enemy.

So if you got beef with the “black church,” I’m waiting for you to tell me what congregation you are joining, what auxiliary you’re going to run, and your check with your tithes or offerings. Otherwise you blowing smoke and I ain’t a fan.
Same thing for all of our leaders, politicians, programs, and institutions. Since “the revolution will not be televised,” you sitting in your armchair trying to play director or quarterback is worse than useless. You got to put on a helmet, get some pads, and run the ball in the real game. If you are scared to get tackled, fine, but then shut up and just be a spectator.


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