Got To Be Who We Is, To Claim What’s Ours

​Why must Afrikans become Afrikans again? To join a global economic, political, and social paradigm discussed by Cheikh Anta Diop and many others that fuses identity, cognitive decentering, and collective development behind a definite locale, set of material resources, and common challenges. The diversity of Africa is who we are and that is our strength not our weakness. Africa does not have to be monolithic or copy a Eurocentric singular nation-state image for us to begin to work collectively. Europe isn’t and they do. We already are connected, just not with consciousness of those connections and of our joint interests and a need for mutual intentionality. Our enemies rely on the reality of those connections and our lack of consciousness about them for their power. We, Afrikaans in the US, are the most powerful consumer group in Babylon, consuming a disproportionate number of products which could not be without Africa and the Diaspora making money for Europeans and Euroamericans, while we and our brethren back home stay broke.


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