Support, at a spiritual level is when we are both vibrating at the same frequency. To do that we must each know who we respectively are as Afrikan women and men, in relation to God, to the ancestors, to each other, to our children and to those who are our enemies. At present Afrikan consciousness has been invaded by Eurocentric thinking and white supremacy which glorifies individualism, materialism, and the ego. In that state, men become less than themselves and so do women and we approach each other in these states. As Kwame Ture said the co-optation of our movement led us to strive to become “those things least like ourselves.” Thus we do not support each other collectively as we should, but that is because we are not collectively BEING who we should be as Afrikan men and women and in relation to each other. We must return to ourselves and in those rare cases where an Afrikan woman manifests something close to her natural state, she attracts the support and admiration of men. When an Afrikan man does the same for his own, he is supported by Afrikan women who recognize him for who he is. We cannot support each other as Afrikan men or women if we know not who we are and if we stay focused on becoming like other than ourselves. I believe we must raise a generation of the young who will know who they are, whose they are, and what they must do together. Such a new generation will respect each other, support each other and build. Our task is to build the institutions that will prepare the way for their coming.


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