The Problem with the “Black Vote” in the US

My conclusion is that while our community sometimes understands things about VOTING, it tends to have a lower level of understanding about the SCIENCE of US politics. Three maxims apply. You are unlikely to be able to sustain any successful candidacy without a sufficient collective economic base. Individual contributions are laudable, but insufficient for politics at the modern urban, state, or national level. 2. Elections cannot be won without strategic coalitions. There must be a collective agenda, and a collective process for its formulation and this is prior to the agendas of any individual candidate. You then look for other constituencies that share parts of that agenda to create an effective voting blocs, critical if you are not a majority of the voters. Finally, there must be a system of accountability for those who hold office or take leadership positions on behalf of the people’s agenda. I have seen good people run campaigns and know of some well intentioned folk who have been in some leadership roles on our collective behalf.  But what I still do NOT see is effective attention to those three platforms or prerequisites to electoral success. And as much as I support many of the good people that have gone through the gauntlet, I also keep seeing that inattention and a lot of disappointment. My comments here are neither personal nor partisan. I have often said we play politics like checkers. The system plays chess. In checkers, being reactionary is acceptable as the game is based on counter moves. In chess, the most important is the first move and the opening. If you do not have a response there, you may be going through the motions to certain defeat, even though you feel like you’re playing the game. 

The agenda, the coalitions, the funding and the accountability must be before any particular candidate and apply to all, regardless of party, position, age, gender, etc. I have no doubt we could build a dominating political machinery,  but it must be built and it will not occur as a mere byproduct of good candidates. It must be there for good candidates to access on their way to success. For example, a modern political infrastructure would not have to rely primarily on the systemic news media or its forums to propel a candidate. Candidates should able to take advantage of our own structures to get their messages out.
I’m tired of our champions being thrust into the arena against lions with a participation trophy and a T-shirt. Time to build a political armor factory.


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